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Radiant Glass is the leading glass smoking accessories company in China with many years of experience in making glass. We have rich experience in ODM and OEM orders. We already have the complete process for get sample. Although we can provide samples, due to the geographical location, our company hopes to share the freight and sample costs, and we hope you can understand.

1. Understand customer needs

We carefully understand the requirements and hobbies of each customer, help you choose the most favorite products, and customize the most suitable packaging and logo.

2. Customized samples

After repeatedly determining the customer's needs, we will let the company's creative team and designers design samples with colors and logos to communicate with customers, and then customize the samples.

3. Check the samples

After the sample is made, we will inform the customer of the progress of the sample. After the sample is made, we will clean the sample, check the appearance and size of the sample, and compare the design drawings to ensure that the sample is correct.

4. Determine the sample

The factory is equipped with special quality inspectors. After the samples pass the quality inspection, they will send high-definition photos of the samples from all angles to the customer. After confirming that they are correct, the samples will be packaged and shipped.

5. Follow up samples

After the samples are shipped, we will inform the customer of the order number in time to facilitate customer inquiries. After the samples are delivered, ask the guests for their opinions and feedback on the samples, listen carefully and correct them.

At Radiant Glass, the needs of our customers are what keeps us going

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