14mm Ash catcher 18mm joint

this is a ash catcher,it  has two colors ,it has four styles ,45degree 14mm,45degree 18.8mm,90degree 14mm,90degree 18.8mm ,the weight is 95g approx,This one is used with glass Bong, which acts as a filter and and it has a twist pattern inside, which is very beautiful.

  • weight : 95g
  • size : 45degree 14mm,45degree 18.8mm,90degree 14mm,90degree 18.8mm
  • SKU : AS022
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    All of our products are handmade blown with borosilicate glass and 100% quartz glass. We mainly make glass pipes, glass bongs, glass bowls, quartz banger, silicone pipes, grinder, glass smoking accessories we have a professional foreign trade team, team purposes: High-Quality Products, Competitive Price, Credit Paramount.

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