Wig Wag Nectar Collector With 10mm Titanium Nails Multicolor

The Nectar Collector that fits in your pocket! The Radiant Glass Wig Wag Nectar Collector takes your dab experience to the next level. This beautifully designed glass allows you to heat the titanium straw, place it directly on your favorite wax or concentrate and enjoy! It really is that simple! And this hybrid hits surprisingly clean and smooth as each draw from its clear glass chamber delivers mouthfuls of crisp smoke. This is the future of portable dabbing, a must have!
This is a twist stripe nozzle, with 10mm titanium nail, weighing 23g,,It’s too easy to clean and a great option to give to a friend or relative as a celebratory gift. You can take it outside, use it on a trip, or have a happy hemp time at home.

  • sku: PJ107
  • color : mixed color
  • height : 8.7cm
  • weight : 23g
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