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  • What’s The Difference Between A Bong And A Dab Rig

    Distinguish The Difference Of Between A Bong And A Dab Rig From Five Aspects Choose a Bong, or a Dab Rig? That is the question for us. Or rather, the real question is, what’s the difference bettween them ? 1.What Is Consumed Bongs are intended to be used for smoking dried flower, which is loaded ...
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  • How To Use The Hookah And What Is Proper Way To Set Up A Hookah Shisha I Radiant

    Hookah Setup Made Easy With Hookah Accessories Hookah has been around since the mid-1500s and has recently gained a lot of popularity over the past 15-20 years. Due to the increase in demand for this social method of smoking tobacco, smoke shops now carry hookahs and all the hookah accessories a...
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  • How To Choose Your Next Glass Smoking Bong I Radiant

    Choosing Your Next Glass Smoking Bong A decade ago, buying a glass bong meant taking a walk to the nearest headshop and picking one off the shelf. The shop, while cozy, would generally have no more than a dozen or so hand blown bongs available at best. The majority of shoppers would make their de...
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  • Surge in Sea Shipping Costs Could Cause Prices Hikes in Imported Goods

    Surge in Sea Shipping Costs Could Cause Prices Hikes in Imported Goods

    The blows to the global supply chain never seem to end in 2021, resulting in delays that have sharply reduced the system’s effective capacity and put upward pressure on shipping rates that began reaching record highs months ago. In...
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  • How to Ship Glass Across the Country

    How to Ship Glass Across the Country

    How do you ship it without breaking it? SHIPPING FRAGILE ITEMS Shipping fragile items starts with proper packing. Preparing glassware or other fragile items for shipping is a simple, straight-forward procedure. We share these packing tips to help you get that item safely to your buyer! There will...
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  • How to choose a Manufacturer for Your Product: 5 Important Factors you need to know

    1.Don’t Rush Into Anything Even it’s a time-sensitive situation, you should never rush into a long-term arrangement without being in enough touch. If necessary, seek a short-term arrangement that gives you enough time and space to find a long-term partner. 2. Take Time to Research It should never...
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