Twist Perc Straight Tube Bong

This is a straight bong with two chambers in white and black. One chamber has a dome perc, another has a spiral per. They are all in green. There are three ice pinches on the neck to hold ice cube or ball, cooling down the hot smoke. It has spots around the mouth and ice pinches on the neck. The best feature of the bong is it has spots close to the mouth on the neck. This design increases friction and lessens the touching area with hot surface while using the bong. It’s easy to get smooth hit when more percolator are there. All the bongs are with matched accessories.

  • SKU Code: BG085
  • Joint Size:
  • Glass Thickness: 5.0 mm
  • Height: about 15 inches
  • Weight: about 648g
  • Material: Material
  • Color: Green, Blue
  • Accessories: bowl/quartz banger and downstem
  • Category: Straight Bong
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